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Each time you visit our charming hotel in Toulouse city center, we guarantee you a unique and exceptional moment unlike any of your stays. In our exhibition hall, we highlight local artists, with different artistic techniques. In addition, each of our rooms has its own identity. Each of your visits to the Hotel des Beaux Arts will be unique. Discover the artists currently exhibited at the hotel and those who decorated the different parts of the establishment. What would the Hotel des Beaux Arts be without its anthology of artist having left their mark there, a little of their talent on the walls or in their works.

Painter Patrick Zevaco

Patrick Zevaco, said Mr. Patrick is a painter from Montauban. You can observe some of his works in the hall of our hotel in the city center of Toulouse, in the Junior Suite or in room 32. His art takes its inspiration from television, cartoons, figures of Street Art and cartoons. Portraits have a special place in the work of Patrick Zevaco.

Marie bec

Marie Bec is a painter from Toulouse, her sophisticated portraits are influenced by Japanese culture; they are the result of a double inspiration, on one hand the images captured during her travels and on the other hand, the Japonism. You can find her work in the exhibition in the hotel lobby. The painter's attractiveness for Geisha's faces, drawing, painting and collage offers us remarkable paintings.

Toulousain Street-Artist / Graffiti artist Reso

 Cédric Lascours, alias Reso, is a Toulouse artist, one of the pioneers in street art. His work perfectly combines movement, energy, freedom and expansion. This graffer leaves his signature and his mark in places in Toulouse that are already loaded with history, he spreads out his spontaneity and his audacity on the pink city's walls and he made room number 12 of our charming hotel in Toulouse one of his works. 

Street-Artist / Montpellier graffiti artist Maye

The graffiti artist Maye, passionate with drawing since his childhood, he is expressed in the streets of Montpellier and everywhere in France. His art is a mixture of comic books and surrealism that allow him to keep on being a big child. He gave free rein to his imagination and represented one of these famous characters with a slender body where nature and technology mingle, in room number 11, of the Arty category of our Hotel des des Beaux Arts. 

Toulousain Street-Artist / graffiti artist World

 Specialist in calligraphy, the street artist Mondé, practices his art in Toulouse and in the other cities of France. Different products (Ink, spray cans) allow him to play on the aspects, the use of various calligraphies offers an endless track game with several possible readings of his work.It was in room number 21, in the Arty category, that he expressed his art. 

Conceptual artist Jean-Jacques François

Discover the works available in the hall of our boutique boutique hotel in Toulouse, by the conceptual artist, painter and sculptor, Jean-Jacques François.

Plastic sculptor Gérard Bogo

Gérard Bogo, the plastic sculptor from Toulouse, works calligraphy on steel. Angular shapes, bright colors, some of which are turned to pop'art. Some of these works are exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Hôtel des Beaux Arts in Toulouse.

Professional photographer Patrick Boillaud

The famous photographer marked with his art the decoration of our room 34, the Only You which was elected the most romantic room in Toulouse. Patrick Bouillaud handles the language of the image to perfection by combining a refined style, modernity and exemplary light.

Painter Olivox

Designer and self-taught painter. Olivier Payeur has two interests : human figure and composition. Human figure, body for his moving architecture, composition for it's sensitive aspect which produces instantaneously a distribution of colours and forms. Olivier Payeur works according to nature and designs according to living models for nudes and portraits. This studies are used later as a basis for his paintings for which one he invents himself the colours for the essential. He paints still lifes in order to test his compositions and experiment.

"I paint to produce an emotion"